The Next Hope conference itself is a community project. We only get out of it what we collectively put into it. The registration fee you pay to get in covers the basic costs like renting the space and the chairs, printing programs, and supplying electricity. Beyond that, everything else has to be loaned or donated.

This page lists things that we need to pull off the event, and things that are on the wishlists from project organizers.

If you can donate or loan some of the supplies and equipment listed here, or have anything else to contribute, please contact




  • 100 foot or longer CAT 5E cable spools for The OpenAMD Project and the Network Team
  • 17 multi-port (4+) PoE switches for OpenAMD
  • 3-prong medium duty extension cords, 25 feet or longer, for the expo floor
  • Power strips with surge suppression, for the expo floor
  • Large directional signs to help attendees navigate through the space
  • Big speakers for the Radio Statler! listening lounge area


  • A programmer with C# and/or MS Visual C# IDE knowledge, for the OpenAMD Project. Contact echo at



  • Soft drinks, bottled water, ice, and coolers for the volunteers lounge
  • Large flat screen monitors on stands
  • Easily secured small form factor computers, to display data from the OpenAMD system


  • A well-constructed 3D computer model of the Wardenclyffe tower for Radio Statler! (preferably a Blender-compatible model we can both print in 3D and render as CGI for graphics)


  • A cash sponsor to but or rent furniture for the Radio Statler! listening lounge and the volunteer lounge.
  • Dependable interns to provide logistical support in the months leading up to the conference – being local in NYC (or Long Island), San Francisco (for OpenAMD), or Northern Virginia (for Radio Statler!) is helpful, but not required
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